In-Depth #1

My In-Depth this year is a continuation of last years project and taking it to the next level: using the skills of story planning and character building and setting my sights on novel writing. In light of LACE Career planning, I want to focus on what it means to be an author/writer, and novel planning & writing is the clear first step to a career in the creative writing field. Some main skills I plan to learn are how to get published, how to finish a novel, how to become a novelist, and use writing as a career. Creative writing has always intrigued me and is my passion, so In-Depth is the perfect way to work with a mentor to expand my knowledge and gain some job expertise working with someone who has some published writing.

So far, I’ve emailed and certified a mentor who is a writer, found some articles and blogs on writing, and made a list of books that are good sources of novel planning. I plan to showcase my learning by writing and editing novel chapters. Similar to last years In-Depth, I will have an author’s circle and readings. I hope that through my time with my mentor, I can gain a clear understanding of what it means to be an author and how I can one day join the ranks of my predecessors in the lines of stories.



  1. This is a great choice of projects for you. It makes sense to continue what you started last year. Having a mentor right from the start makes a big difference, too. I look forward to reading small sections of your upcoming novel!

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