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The Symbiotic Realtionship Between Crows and Eagles: A Natural Rivalry Between Two Different Species

My TED Talk topic was on symbiotic relationship and how instinctive rivalries for in nature. I choose to research eagles and crows after the second kayaking adventure trip when we saw a crow and an eagle fighting. I used the skills of sythesizing and inquiry through critical and creative thinking to come up with my own theories as to why the rivalry forms in every environment.

Enjoy! I had lots of fun coming up with theories using research from a variety of reliable resources.


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I really enjoyed the video and I thought you did an amazing job explaining the relationship between crows and eagles in detail. The text on the slides helped me follow along with what you were saying and added to the cohesiveness of your presentation. I wonder if crows would have similar reasons for mobbing owls since you mentioned that they mob other birds as well?
    Sarah J

  2. This is an awesome vid! You covered a lot of information in only six minutes including different types of symbiotic relationships and the personalities of bald eagles compared to crows. The narration at the beginning was a great hook and added your own touch of flavor to the presentation. After seeing the battles between bald eagles and crows, under what specific circumstances would they fight to the death?

    • Hi Annie!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. In some rafe cases, yes, the battles can result in death. Eagles will sometimes hunt and eat crows, and in battle the pecking of a mob of very angry crows can kill an eagle, though usually one side retreats before death ensues. I hope that answers your question!

  3. Hey Michelle!
    Great hook, you really grabbed my attention by giving that enthusiastic commentary on what was going on in the video. Something you could work on is learning how to pronounce the words before recording, the stumbling on the wording was a bit distracting at times. Other then that everything else you sounded like you knew and you were very lound and clear.
    Good Job!
    -Sarah Fong

  4. Very interesting TED Talk Michelle! I found this extremely relevant because I see crows ‘dive-bombing’ eagles outside of my house very frequently. In your research, did you learn of any other examples of such a rivalry? The relationship between crows and eagles is more complex than it would appear, and I am wondering if it is unique?

    • Hi Mia!

      Thank you so much for commenting on my video! In my research I found that crows will mob other raptors like owls and hawks. Other birds like seagulls will use mobbing to drive away predators. I didn’t find anything about non-bird rivalries, but I would highly recommend searching up ‘cool symbiotic relationships and rivaries in nature’. Hope this answers your question!

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