In Depth Blog Post #1

In In-Depth, I am going to learn about writing. I am a writer, and want to be an author. The skill I want to focus on is story planning; going deeper into setting, story, plot, and characters. I also want to development new strategies and tricks to improve my writing, specifically on writing with powerful description and action, and writing characters and story that readers care about.

I am going to show my work by making a detailed story plan with 3D characters and setting for my first book series, and writing some chapters for the first book. I will also make a collection of enjoyable and interesting short stories as writing practice.

So far, I have researched a few possible mentor sources, talked with Mr. Morris on his opinion, and have started researching the SFU Creative Writing Department. I will hopefully start sending some emails out soon.

ZIP DoL #3

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of your inquiry?

  • It’s easy to get sidetracked, especially if the websites you research have many interesting facts, articles, ideas, and more about writing. Stay focused on the knowledge specifically on story mapping.
    – TIP: Add articles and websites you want to read that are not connected to your topic to a ‘For Later’ reading list, and go back later
  • You’re not nervous to teach the class; you’re excited
  • Zip might seem far away, but it’s really not. Besides, the topic is really interesting, so spend some more free time on it to really enjoy it
  • Plan ahead; use problems and experiences from the past teach you and guide you to make better choices
  • Enjoy it, and have fun! ZIP is really awesome and cool, so don’t rush it
  • And most importantly, you’ll do great. I believe in you