Show, Not Tell (English 9)

[Write a descriptive paragraph for the telling sentence below]

I was exhausted.

     Beads of sweat dripped down my face. My feet burned as if I had traveled barefoot across 20 miles of burning coal. I collapsed to the gym floor, panting like a dog, rasping breath searing my raw throat. I wanted nothing more than to drag myself home and fall asleep in my bed… but my schedule wouldn’t let me. School is a hellish nightmare of never ending pain.

“Why,” I gasped between breaths to my friend, “Why…
is PE… so hard?!”

“I… agree!” she replied.

The PE teacher blew his whistle. We peeled ourselves off the ground and trudged to the changing rooms. Wiping the sweat off my head with a towel, I took a moment to look at my reflection in the mirror. Flushed red cheeks, hair plastered to my forehead with sweat, heavy breathing… I grabbed my bag and tiredly walked to my next class. My muscles screamed in protest, but I kept walking. The faster this day was over and I could go home and rest, the better.


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