Room Describtive Paragraph (English 9)

(Write a describtive paragraph started with something along the lines of ‘___ kicked off their shoes and walked into their room’ and ending with ‘Things hadn’t changed; home was still home.’

She gently opened the old wooden door to her bedroom, and walked in quietly. Instantly she was rushed with the familiar fresh smell of home. A few books fell from their perch on top of the precarious stack next to the door. As she bent down to retrieve the fallen books, she brushed her hand against the worn white carpet. The rhythmic ticking of the sun-powered owl bobber filled the room as she placed the books carefully back on their stack. Then she strolled over to her bed, which was covered in pillows and fluffy blankets. The springs in the bed creaked quietly when she sat down on the soft purple bedding. Her schoolbag lay forgotten next to her desk. Homework could wait. After a stressful day at school, the girl needed some relaxation. Staring up at the light-blue ceiling, she counted the glow-in-the-dark stars that sparkled at her. Then she glanced at all the posters of animals, dragons, and other such creatures that covered the walls of her room. A peaceful smile lit up her face as the comforts of her room melted her worries away. She grabbed a book from her desk and began reading. Things hadn’t changed; home was still home.


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